Curriculum vitae


Scripps Institution Of Oceanography (SIO), USA, Ph.D. (Oceanography)                    2008 - 2014

Ph.D. Thesis: “Marine megafauna in environmental extremes: distribution and oceanic dispersal of polar and tropical tetrapods”  Link here.

Universidad de Puerto Rico, USA, M.Sc. (Tropical Biology)                                         1999 - 2002

M.Sc. Thesis: “Patterns of abundance of groupers (Pisces: Serranidae) among three reef systems off Puerto Rico’s West Coast”

Universidad Nacional Autónoma, Costa Rica, B.Sc. (Marine Biology)                        1996 - 1999

B.Sc. Thesis: “Various aspects of the artisanal spiny-lobster (Panulirus argus) fishery

in Manzanillo, Costa Rica”

Larenstein Int'l Agricultural College, Holland, B.Sc. (Env. Engineering)                  1992 - 1996  



regional adviser, coral triangle program, conservation international           Apr 2017 - present

founder & CEO, tellus4D geoimaging (unmanned aerial systems),                     jul 2016 - present

founder & ceo, kalawai adventure (adventure travel/conservation tourism)  jul 2016 - present

Scripps Grad. student researcher, Marine Biology Research Division                          2008 - 2013

Co-founder, Ocean Positive (NGO, conservation in the Coral Triangle)                         2011 - 2016

Teaching assistant, Ecology course, UC San Diego                                             Jan 2011 - Apr 2011

NSF-GK12 Graduate Marine Science Teaching Fellow                                                      2009 -2010

Consultant/adviser, Conservation International-Indonesia,                                       2005 - 2008

Raja Ampat sea-turtle conservation program                                                                  

Consultant, WWF/TNC/CI: Raja Ampat sea turtle satellite tracking                                   2005 - 2006

Consultant, BP, Bintuni Bay, W-Papua, Indonesia: ecological assessment                     2005 - 2006

Biologist, USAID-Indonesia: Coastal Resources Management Program,            May 2004 - Nov 2004   

N. Sulawesi                                                                                                                                                                                            


Peer reviewed publications:

Gearheart, G., Kooyman, G.L., Goetz, K., McDonald, B.I. (2014) Migration front of post-moult emperor penguins. Polar Biology 1-5. Link here.

Gearheart, G., Kooyman, G.L., Goetz, K., McDonald, B.I. (2014) Late summer distribution of seabirds, whales and seals in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. in prep.

Gearheart, G., Putrasahan, D., Dutton, P.F., Kooyman, G.L., Sprintall, J., Mitarai, S., Tapilatu, R.F., Johnstone, E.A.C., Raweyai, O., Iwanggin, W. (2014) Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) hatchling dispersal during the critical dispersal period: how local oceanography and swimming behavior can mediate survival. in prep.

Gearheart, G., Maturbongs, A, Dutton, P.H., Sprintall, J., Kooyman, G.L., Tapilatu, R.F., Johnstone, E.A.C. (2011) Tracking leatherback hatchlings at sea using radio and acoustic tags. Marine Turtle Newsletter 130:2-6. Link here.                                                                                       

Windia Adnyana, Soede, L.P., Gearheart, G., Halim M. (2008) Status of green turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting and foraging populations of Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter. 7:2-11. Link here.



Prof. Emeritus Gerald L. Kooyman (SIO) --- graduate adviser

Dr. J. Sprintall (SIO)

Prof. G. Rouse (SIO)

Dr. Elizabeth Johnstone (iXblue australia)

Dr. M.V. Erdmann (Conservation International-Indonesia)

Dr. J. Barlow (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, USA)

Dr. S. Mitarai (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, OIST, Japan)

Dr. R. F. Tapilatu (Universitas Negeri Papua, UNIPA, Indonesia)


Perspectives of Ocean Science Lecture Series (SIO Birch Aquarium): “Sea Turtles of Indonesian New Guinea” (2011). Link here.

Poster presentation at 8th International Coral Reef Symposium, Panamá: “Community- based Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Stock Enhancement Project, Costa Rica” (1996).

Poster presentation at the International Sea Turtle Symposium, Greece: “Post-nesting Migrations of Green Sea Turtles from Raja Ampat and Implications for Conservation” (2006).

Oral presentation at the International Sea Turtle Symposium, México: “Ecosystem Benefits of Flagship Species Conservation: Piai’s Success Story” (2008). Link here.


Fluent: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Bali.


Driver licenses: car, motorcycle

PADI open water diver

Australia CASA UAV pilot certifications (ARN 840013): multirotor <25kg, fixed-wing <7kg