Kalawai Adventure organizes ship-based "naturalist's expeditions", led by scientists, to some of the most remote and exciting corners of our planet.

Geoffrey Gearheart, PhD

Geoffrey Gearheart, PhD

Emphasis during the trips is not only on seeing and experiencing, but also on understanding the complex natural interactions at play, and the challenges of preserving unique ecosystems.

Because of the positive impact conservation tourism can have in developing countries, part of our proceeds  are used to directly support conservation projects we visit during each trip. This hands-on, personal approach builds a relationship between travellers and local conservation heroes that will last for years to come.

Our first expedition is to West Papua, Indonesia, the lesser-known half of the Island of New Guinea. We travel aboard a beautiful "Phinisi" schooner to explore the islands of Raja Ampat, land on the wild beaches of the Bird's Head Peninsula where giant leatherbacks nest, and swim with whale sharks in secluded Cendrawasih Bay...

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trip 1: Monday 13 May - saturday 1 JUNE 2019 (20 days/19 nights)

trip 2: Sunday 2 june - friday 21 june 2019 (20 days/19 nights)

destination: North Raja Ampat, Vogelkop peninsula & Cendrawasih Bay