TESTIMONIALS of the June-July 2016 expedition

"Experiencing all of the extraordinary wildlife, especially the Trifecta of leatherback turtles, whale sharks and birds-of-paradise was way beyond my expectations for the trip. The climb to the top of the coral island in Wayag was sensational. Two unexpected highlights were my SCUBA dive with the whale sharks and the night visit to the Bagan. Also, I must include both Josephine and Ken as highlights. They were just wonderful. "

John R., Brisbane, Australia

“The guides were attentive, especially their assistance to all when alighting from the tenders to the Putiraja. They ensured our safety at all times, always with beaming smiles.  I always enjoy hearing Geoff’s talks, especially those relating to his times with leatherback hatchlings. Snorkeling with whale sharks and seeing leatherbacks nest were both truly amazing experiences leaving indelible, wonderful memories.

Jennifer R., Brisbane, Australia

“My personal highlight was the nesting leatherback. She touched my soul. Words cannot describe the feeling. I loved the whale sharks too, and the scenery and the islands were just amazing. The fact that we were on our own with no other tourists in sight was very special. The Putiraja is a great way to travel, the staff excellent, the Captain and first mate excellent and informative. Definitely, an adventure of a lifetime; I’m not sure if I will be able to adequately describe this experience!”

Barbara V. S., Capetown, South Africa

“Climbing the hill at Wayag, the bioluminescence at Piai and the forest illuminated by millions of fireflies were my favorites, along with the leatherbacks and the sharks… and so much more! And, of course, I finally got photos of birds-of-paradise! I greatly appreciated the goodwill of the leader and the guides as well my fellow travellers.”

Judith C., Brisbane, Australia

“Guides and chief scientist all gave excellent info. I felt respected and well cared for. Josephine, Ken and all the crew have gone out of their way to make the trip a success. Delightful people.”

Marguerite R., Brisbane, Australia

“I swam with whale sharks: died and gone to heaven… and the leatherbacks… Icing on the cake: the birds-of-paradise!”

Clodagh B., Brisbane, Australia

“Very satisfied! Simply unbelievable! I will absolutely recommend this trip to my friends.”

Jaz S., Sydney, Australia